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Document scanning and processing to optimize workflow.

Highest performance in speed, volume, capacity, and resolution.

Fully-featured, modular, integrable design.

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Maximize workflows and achieve your digital transformation goals with the industry leader in production document scanning and processing. Redefining “high-speed,” “high-volume,” “high-capacity,” and “high-resolution,” IntelliScan delivers the most dependable document digitization for multiple applications. Custom-configured for the needs of your business, including the following options:

IntelliScan RAPTOR

The newest and most versatile scanning platform in the IntelliScan suite, the Raptor enables high-speed, high-fidelity scanning, efficient paper handling, out-sorting flexibility, and more, in a compact, table-top sized machine.

IntelliScan Raptor
IntelliScan XDS5

The fastest document scanner in the market today. Providing the highest levels in image quality, optical resolution, and throughput. Multiple document sorting capabilities, touch-screen control for operator efficiency, and more.

IntelliScan XDS5
IntelliScan TRP5

For both check and full-page processing at unmatched speeds. Ideal for retail and wholesale payment applications, invoice processing, tax processing, and more.

IntelliScan TRP5
IntelliScan USC

Offering the quickest, cost-effective implementation, along with real-time document identification, inline image quality assurance monitoring, and comprehensive recognition technology for automated sorting and data collection.

IntelliScan USC
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Industry-leading performance

The IntelliScan suite of scanning and processing solutions utilize precision performance tools and innovative technology to deliver superior output, quality assurance monitoring, error recovery, and auto-color save. Our line of scanners boast some of the best numbers in the business, including:

  • Up to 640 PPM/1150 DPM speeds.
  • 1000+ item auto-feed capacity.
  • Optical Resolutions up to 600 DPI.
  • Multiple inline recognition technologies.
  • Up to 51 total pockets.


IntelliScan solutions are custom-configurable for your precise needs. Our team works with yours to construct your IntelliScan system based on your specifications for speed, capacity, application, etc.

Multi-industry, multi-application

IntelliScan solutions can be configured to scan and process a full array of business forms and documents, including checks, loan documents, healthcare forms, order fulfillment, and more.

Dedicated Support

IntelliScan technology is developed and maintained exclusively by Exela. Technical and other support is available 24/7/365 through our dedicated call centers, with response times to suit your requirements.

40+ Years Expertise Built In

With more than 40 years in the scanning and processing business, Exela offers unrivaled experience and expertise.

An Essential Tool for Digital Transformation

High-speed scanning plays a foundational role in all digital transformation initiatives. Delivering the most accurate and dependable document digitization for incoming and archival information assets, IntelliScan integrates with a vast array of automation solutions to optimize your workflow and master your digital transformation initiatives.

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