Leveraging Innovation in Marketing: 4 Fundamentals


Leveraging Innovation in Marketing: 4 Fundamentals

by Jill Ransome

Since the first business transaction took place, marketing has played a crucial role in developing the desire and need that is essential in all business models. Midway through the 20th century, marketing became the difference between mere “invention” and true “innovation.” But in the decades since then, innovation’s been driving marketing just as hard, empowering businesses with previously unavailable information about their customers at virtually every stage of the “marketing funnel.” The challenge of leveraging that info was met with further innovation, kicking marketing into warp speed.

And that’s where it is today. Effective marketing means constantly keeping your eye on the innovations available to push your marketing forward and keep it competitive. But since it’s all moving so fast, it’s helpful to keep these four fundamentals in mind:

1. The marketing funnel has evolved into a kaleidoscope

The marketing funnel was traditionally static, with marketing materials created and deployed at each stage, and each stage remaining distinct. For example, Exela’s Intelligent Marketing and Reputation Management solutions analyze the stages as they interact, making it possible to predict inter-stage and multi-stage behavioral trends.

2. Your customers are inundated, but that’s okay

Communications-saturated customers have an effective tool to combat the deluge of information: spam filters. So the question becomes how to make it through those filters and add value. Here at Exela, we make use of our own hyper-targeted marketing solutions whose automated analytics engines produce detailed customer profiles and whose messaging capabilities target the right customer at the right time.

3. Interaction is the new action

Your website and social platforms provide countless opportunities for eliciting relevant information from your leads and customers, as well as for letting your leads and customers know they’ve been heard in real time. The omni-channel communications and engagement automation options available through Exela’s intelligent marketing solutions maximize the productivity of those interactions.

4. If it’s something you’ve thought of, there’s an automation for it

Ever wish you could find all your analytics in one place, rather than signing into multiple platforms? No worries, there’s an automation for that! At Exela, we combine our industry specific and cross industry Data Analytics tools with our Enterprise Content Management solutions to generate analyzed and actionable data on a unified platform.

Seek out solutions that will help to drive your marketing forward. As Exela continues to innovate, we are growing our suite of marketing solutions to fit your current and growing needs.